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Wedding service

Wedding — the brightest and memorable day in life therefore it is so important that everything was thought most over and passed as you conceived.

Smart emergence in the REGISTRY OFFICE, beautiful wedding train on driving and arrival young on a banquet — all this remains not only in your memory and memory of guests, but also in photos which together with wedding video you will look through yet time.

That all these moments were truly fantastic and effective, it is necessary to think of rent of the wedding car in advance.

The car can be leased for holidays, celebrations or for carrying out wedding ceremony. We will pick up the best option of the car for a wedding, and also we will create a wedding train.

We recommend ours the Premium cars of the class compact-limousine and SUVs as the main cars of a wedding train. After all for many there is unexpected that fact that from the morning to night at newly married practically there will be no minute when they remain alone, will distract from organizational efforts, will be able to talk about the experiences.

Unlike limousines of "bus" spaciousness, our cars of a premium class allow newlyweds to feel that it is a holiday for them of two, to retire from crowd of guests. And such pleasant options as massage chairs, separate climatic zones, hi-end acoustics and many other things, will brighten up this most important day of life of the young.


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