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The essence of service of a corporate taxi that the firm doesn't hold own vehicle fleet, and uses at any time cars of a taxi of service. Services of a corporate taxi are offered on the basis of the signed contract and throughout time specified in it. Before ordering a corporate car, the firm contacts us, signs the contract, and has an opportunity to use our vehicle fleet at any time.

For today the given service actively is in demand. The reason here that practically all large both foreign, and the Russian companies don't see need to keep the park of cars. Use of own cars in activity of the organization takes away a lot of time, means and forces. Therefore the majority of firms use the similar service, each time being convinced that it is reliable, comfortable moreover and is cheap.

It is very convenient for the companies which employees in corporate interests are compelled to move often around the city. The car of our service immediately will bring you to the right place. We guarantee that your any action will begin and will end in time. Besides, our cars working in corporate park, have no identification marks.

We can offer:

  •     priority service by all park of cars available in the company (the cost of service depends on a class of the car, quantity of trips, the schedule, contract term);
  •     the personal manager with whom it is possible to develop individual conditions of service on tariffs and terms of payment;
  •     all types of calculations: as on credit, and on advance payment;
  •     the round-the-clock delivery of the employees ending work in late time on the established tariff without changes depending on time of day and days of the week;
  •     if necessary selection of the personal driver with the car which will meet the special requirements to appearance (a business suit).

We are focused on long-term cooperation with clients, our cars in the necessary quantity and in agreed time will expect the corporate customers!


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