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Today parents of many children actively are engaged in the career, working without cease. Thus their children also attend various developing courses, go to school, are members of sports sections etc. But what to do in case parents can't bring the children to this or that action?

We provide the service "Autonurse".

What is "Autonurse"?

Service "the Autonurse — is some kind of children's taxi which is provided at any time. We help parents with safe transportation of children, to be exact we bring and we bring children to the specified address. Also we do it successfully for many years.

How the service "Autonurse" is carried out?

This service differs from the standard order a little, so as the driver enters not only transportation of the child, but also his transfer to hands to the responsible person.

If the child has to be brought to kindergarten, the driver will surely accompany it to group, will help to undress.  And then will tell to parents that the child are in reliable hands.  In case the child needs to be brought to school, the driver will see him to a class.

We provide guarantees on safe transportation of children.  Moreover, parents, at any time can trace movement of the child with the driver around the city.

In the same way service in case the child needs to be got home works.

Where "Autonurse" is lucky?

We work round the clock, and we deliver the child in any place necessary to you. Us call when it is necessary:

  •     To bring or take away the child from kindergarten, school;
  •     To deliver the child in time to holding a school party;
  •     To bring the kid to movie theater or cafe then again to bring him home;
  •     To accompany the child in shop for acquisition of school supplies or other goods, with the subsequent return home;
  •     To deliver the kid to sporting events, in music school etc.

Why we should trusting?

Our taxi exists in the market of services many years. For these years we became authorized representatives of many clients. To us trust and trust all most valuable. Moreover, we protect your children also, as well as own.

In case the child is in the car, him surely fasten. The driver drives accurately and safely. We not only carry your children, but also we do them by more independent, accustoming since the childhood to comfortable conditions of movement.


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