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Sober driver

The service "Sober Driver" — a guarantee of your safety.

The party went off with a bang? All have perfectly fun? Cocktails were simply excellent? And how now to arrive home without adventures and what traps us in a way when driving transport in a state of intoxication? The answer not from pleasant — ahead is a lot of dangers, beginning from inspectors of police and finishing large road accidents.

What now to limit itself? No! Call in our taxi when to be necessary the help! We have an excellent decision!

In order to avoid problems we recommend to use the service "sober driver". It is possible to address to us and in case to you it is simple нездоровится, or not desires to drive the car.

It is enough to order service, and our professional driver, will drive up to you in 30–40 min. or in time specified by you and will bring you to the specified address. Our driver can accompany you at a wheel of your car all the time while you will have a rest and good time.

Service cost:

  •     The service "sober driver" — 600 rubles in the first hour, the next hours — 400 rubles.
  •     The service "sober driver" in the area and area — 1000 rubles in the first hour, the next hours — 800 rubles + 30 rubles/km in the country to an operating tariff.
  •     The way back of the driver is paid by the client in addition — 150 rubles around the city, in the country — 30 rub/km.

Service can use round the clock, seven days in a week, 365 days in a year. Simply dial simple number 722-21-41 or 8-964-722-93-53.


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