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Cargo transportation

We carry out delivery of your freight in a taxi mode (a cargo taxi). Giving of the car borrows of 1 o'clock and is carried out in day of the order!

Our drivers and dispatchers possess a wide experience in the field of a cargo transportation, and also excellent knowledge of roads and the most optimum routes therefore our cargo taxi delivers freights accurately and quickly.

All persons allowed to management of the vehicle, regularly pass medical examination and increase the qualification.

Besides the main profile — freight transportation, we actively enter new services which will be demanded by our clients. Today very few people services of exclusively cargo taxi interest, the complex of turnkey services is necessary to the majority of us. Therefore at us you will be able always to find offers on address delivery, the organization of moving, rent of special equipment and always sober loaders

Our advantages:

  •     Urgent giving (of 1 o'clock)
  •     Order cost — 380 rub/hour (4 hours + hour of giving), are minimum - 900 rub
  •     Insurance of responsibility of a carrier

At the order of a cargo taxi we guarantee high efficiency and transportations in any point.

The company possesses own park of trucks which is periodically updated:

    rent of Hyundai Porter of 1 t
    rent of the Gazelle

These models provide convenience and high reliability in transit freights.


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