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Team client

Use of a corporate taxi is very convenient for the companies which employees in corporate interests are compelled to move often around the city.

Services of a corporate taxi are offered on the basis of the signed contract and throughout time specified in it. Staff of firm has an opportunity to use our vehicle fleet at any time.


The service "autonurse" is created for the help to parents who can't find time to bring the child to school, to take away from school, to bring to occupations.

We will send for the child of the professional driver who delivers him there where you will tell! If necessary the car can be supplied and a children's chair.

Wedding service

Wedding — the brightest and memorable day in life therefore it is so important that everything was thought most over and passed as you conceived.

Smart emergence in the REGISTRY OFFICE, beautiful wedding train on driving and arrival young on a banquet — that all these moments were truly fantastic and effective, it is necessary to think of rent of the wedding car in advance.

Sober driver

The service "Sober Driver" consists in temporary granting our professional driver for a stage of your car.

If you drank alcohol, not very well feel or were tired and can't conduct the car — service the sober driver for you!

Cargo transportation

Our taxi will provide you fast giving of the car in a mode a cargo taxi with loaders and without in any district of the city in the shortest terms and for the most reasonable prices. Special offer: cargo taxi "Gazelle" — from 900 rubles around the city!


Our taxi — is a convenient way to reach in the next international airports.

The transfer is carried out on the comfortable minibus.


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