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Komfort Cars of the S-class are the most sold and widespread in the world. Really, in such cars already acceptable level of comfort, safety. Such cars as are used: Ford Focus, Almer's Nissan, Mitsubisi the Lancer, KIA of the Range, Lachetti's Chevrolet and other foreign cars of similar classes isn't more senior than 3 years.

For those who wishes that on a call with guarantee there arrived the similar car, we offer a tariff "Comfort".

The fixed cost of a trip around the city Visible - 150 rubles.

The taxi "FAST WALKERS" - with us is comfortable!
Name Value
Price for 1 km in city, 0
Price for 1 km in the country, 10
Price for 1 min. trips around the city, 5
Price for 1 min. trips in the country, 150
Landing around the city, in rub 10
Landing in the country, in rub 0
Free expectation, min. 30
Cost of further expectation, rub/min. 27

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